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Business Consultant

MBDA Business Consultants are responsible for providing the services that support the mission of the Minority Business Development Agency Center by providing strategic business consulting and resource referral to rapid-growth-potential minority businesses. The primary focus of the MBDA will be providing services to MBEs with revenues greater than $500,000 per year.




  • Conduct organizational assessments of businesses and implement action plans
  • Develop loan package for local banks, alternative financing entities, and venture capital firms that focus on minority-owned businesses
  • Secure financial transactions for minority-owned businesses
  • Secure procurement opportunities for MBEs
  • Conduct assessments of the high-growth capacity of minority-owned businesses
  • Assist MBEs in creating target plans that lead to higher levels of performance and productivity
  • Provide ongoing technical assistance to MBEs
  • Conduct client intake, including initial client assessments, and develop plans of action
  • Perform personalized consulting engagements
  • Identify resources applicable to clients’ needs
  • Enter opportunities into MBDA’s online resource tools
  • Organize group consulting seminars
  • Gather monthly tracking and reporting of performance metrics
  • Provide training for MBEs
  • Report monthly tracking and performances metrics
  • Market and recruit clients for the MBDA Business Center
  • Advocate on behalf of MBEs

Student Intern


The Intern is responsible for providing support to staff on consulting and operational requirements of the center. The primary focus of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) will be providing services to MBEs with revenues greater than $1,000,000 per year.




  • Customer Service – Answering the phones and greeting customers
  • Support staff in creating reports and presentations for MBDA clients
  • Perform research on multiple county and federal bid portals
  • Match bids to clients in the MBDA database
  • Support team on conducting research, business client assessments and implement plans of action for clients
  • Assist with training by creating content and support materials
  • Support in marketing the MBDA


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